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The OB GYN Specialists

About Us

The OB/GYN Specialists have maintained one of the lowest C-Section rates since their inception, always below the national average. Regarding twin deliveries, we attempt vaginal birth whenever possible, even though it requires more time and effort on our parts. Our approach to labor emphasizes patience, allowing a woman’s body to deliver on its own timeline. We support a woman’s choice for either epidural or non-intervention as long as mom and baby are safe. We support vaginal birth after C-Section. Regarding gynecology, we advocate for minimally-invasive procedures when possible, avoiding long recoveries and unnecessary interventions. We believe in timely access for patients to see our healthcare providers - patients are usually accommodated to see a doctor the same day they call, even new patients. We provide in-house blood draws and obstetrical ultrasounds in our office so patients may avoid more time taken away from work and family. In essence, we offer one-stop shopping for our patients.

We do not employ or share coverage of our patients with outside physicians- one of our doctors takes care of our patients. Patients deserve to be treated by their own doctor. This approach ensures better continuity of care and safe practice. We are invested in the well-being of every patient. We consider it an honor to care for women who choose our practice.