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COVID-19 OFFICE PROTOCOLS 03/20/2020 please click link

Dear Ob/Gyn Specialists patients,
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our office is taken some precautions to keep all our patients safe.  There have been some new procedures to minimize exposure:
  1. To avoid any exposure in our waiting room, we are asking that when you arrive to our office, please call us from your car and remain in your car.  We will then get the room ready for you and text/call you as to when to come into the building so you are taken right back to a room. 
  1. We are thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing each exam room between patients.
  1. When you enter the office, please have any papers, copay, insurance card, and ID ready to give to the front desk. 
  1.  Absolutely no children or guests are to be brought in the office to your visit.  If you must be accompanied to the office, your guest must stay in the car. 
  1. If you are doing blood work, please let us know so we can get you started right away.
  1. When deciding if you need an appointment or if you should come into the office, please ask yourselves these questions:  Do you have any symptoms of being sick? Have you been around anyone who is sick?  Have you recently traveled?  Have you been exposed to a known case?  If any of these are yes, please reschedule your appointment or hold off on making an appointment for now.
These protocols are changing all the time.  We will keep you posted on all new protocols.  You can check our website or facebook page for any updates.  Please feel free to call the office with any questions.  Thank you for all your patience and understanding through these ever changing times.
Susanne Adamson, MD
Michele Godorecci, MD
Victoria Tai, MD